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Anna Arshinov

Anna Arshinov was born in 1994 in Yalta, Ukraine - a beautiful resort city on the southern shore of the Crimean Peninsula. Yalta is located between the Black Sea and the mountain range Ai-Petri and is known for its unique landscapes, vineyards, parks, botanical gardens and a warm subtropical climate. Anna and her younger brother spend numerous hours playing outdoors, discovering nature and exploring Yalta's picturesque surroundings.


Anna began her art training at the local art school, focusing mostly on painting. In 2009 Anna immigrated to Israel, where she continued her art studies. Anna became a professional tattoo artist. She also got interested in printmaking and worked at silk screen printing workshop, developing new creative skills.

Anna Arshinov defines butterflies as a symbol of joy and hope. Her aim is not to copy nature, but to re-interpret its beauty and to add more color and happy emotions into viewers’ life. Anna's process of making vibrant metal butterfly wall sculptures consists of several stages. First, she starts with sketching in search of the most interesting color composition. Anna combines vivid colors with pastel and fluorescent ones. Dark outline emphasizes the bright lights of butterfly wings. Then, using the handmade silk-screening technique, Anna prints the images on metal plates. Next stage is the highly accurate laser cutting process. Afterwards the metal butterflies are combined into one-layered or multilayered compositions. At the final stage each layer is hand embellished by the artist and becomes one of a kind piece of art.

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